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Integrative treatment

The patient as the center focus

Integrative treatment

Diagnostic equipment

Dr. med. Körner und Partners Practice

  • Full medical laboratory investigations corresponding to practice opening times
  • ECG, exercise ECG on bicycle ergometer, 24 hour long-term ECG, 24 hour long-term blood pressure measurement and small lung function
  • Ultrasound investigation (sonography) of the abdomen and thyroid
  • Ultrasound investigation of the heart, also colour-coded Doppler (colour Doppler echocardiography)
  • Ultrasound investigation of the vessels of the stomach, pelvis and neck, also colour-coded Doppler, transcranial Doppler ultrasound investigation of cranial vessels
  • EEG, evoked potentials, nerve conduction velocity
All imaging diagnostic and invasive diagnostic investigations and treatments used in the various specialist medical areas can be offered directly using external cooperation.